Competitive Prices

Here at Angora Contracting, we are committed to delivering a fair price to our customers. Because we do all of our work directly, we are able to cut out the middleman and give you the utmost quality of service for your money. You can be assured that we are the only contracting business around that can say that they put their customers before their profits.

Best Quality

Many contracting services with seemingly low pricing will only skimp on quality in the end leaving you unsatisfied and frustrated. Here at Angora, whether it’s from our top of the line selection of high quality materials or our personalized and friendly service, you as a customer will receive best in class quality products and services from Angora Contracting.

Free Estimation

Many customers shy away from contracting businesses because they are unsure how deep they’ll be reaching into their pockets. Here at Angora, we want to be 100% transparent by giving you a free estimation with no obligation or commitment whatsoever. Contact us for quote request and let an expert from Angora team contact you back and/or make an onsite visit to provide you with a pricing estimate for free.

Local Company

Angora Contracting, based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada, has the local knowledge and expertise that you would expect from a nationwide professional service, without the inflated prices and unfriendly contractors you typically find.

Would you like our experience and expertise of the Angora Contracting team to draft and build your dream house?

We offer best-in-class carpet, vinyl, and laminate flooring installation, all with unbeatable service and prices!


Selling and Installing or Just Installing

Whether you have the desire to purchase high quality flooring materials from us and install them yourself, or you would like to enlist our expertise for a full installation, Angora Contracting is here to assist you in your home improvement journey!

Free Estimation

Feeling uneasy about what it may cost to have high quality flooring installed in your home? You may just be surprised at our competitive pricing! Click the button to the right to request a quote, 100% free of cost or obligation.


Prices and Best Quality Services

Here at Angora Contracting, we will never skimp on quality or rush our service to increase our bottom line. We are here for you, the customer. For this reason, we also only use top of the line flooring materials that we ourselves would use in our home. When it comes to quality and service, no one can beat Angora!

Fixing and Repairs

We here at Angora understand that accidents happen. Flooring cracks, finishes fade, and life happens. For this reason, we offer repair services for all sorts of flooring. Don’t feel the need to undergo a giant project yourself; let the experienced and talented team at Angora take control and make your damaged floor a long forgotten memory!

Our Promise and Values

We aim to take out the middle man to provide best in class flooring design and installation services, without the hassle and inflated pricing of our competitors. We pledge to put our customers before our profits, and will work tirelessly to serve them the utmost quality products and services.


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