We are Calgary's #1 Carpet Installers

When you consult Angora’s Contracting services to design and/or install the carpet, tile, vinyl, or laminate in your home, you can be rest assured that you are being served by the best in the business. Time and time again, our business has received the best customer testimonials and satisfaction levels of any contracting business in the area. We also are undisputed in the level of quality of products that we offer. Angora Contracting offers end-to-end assistance from our free quotes, to design assistance, all the way to the end result and installation. We as a business have proven throughout the years that the best in the business are those that put their customers before their profits and ensure that customer satisfaction is the top priority. Angora Contracting has received countless awards and recommendations from the local area for their commitment to service and quality in the flooring business. When we work with our customer’s we work relentlessly to ensure that we are catering to their needs and understanding their concerns. We also are extremely open to our customer’s ideas and questions, as we understand that we may not always have the best perspective and that the customer can sometimes have very innovative ideas that can put the finishing touches on our services. Angora Contracting is honored to have received such prestige and honor from the local community, and we look forward to serving our wonderful customers further in the future.

Many contracting services with seemingly low pricing will only skimp on quality in the end leaving you unsatisfied and frustrated. Here at Angora, whether it’s from our top of the line selection of high quality materials or our personalized and friendly service, you as a customer will receive best in class quality products and services all at a from Angora Contracting. Regardless of what type of service you choose, our team here at Angora Contracting will work hard to satisfy your every need, and provide you with a high quality product or service, with unbeatable personable service that doesn’t break the bank.

We are a local flooring installation business located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, that specializes in carpet, vinyl, tile, and laminate flooring. We only offer the highest quality products and unbeatable services at competitive prices. We are able to assist in not only the flooring design process, but Angora is also able to perform the entire installation process, done by our team of professionals. Finally, we offer free quotes for our customers who are unsure about how much our services cost.